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The work of our colleagues Christian Schröeter and Pau Rué on the integration of FGF signalling and GATA4,6 activity in a mouse ES cell model of Primitive Endoderm specification has just been published in Development ( The specification of Primitive Endoderm requires an integration of a transcriptional input provided by a transcription factor of the GATA family and FGF signalling. In this work, a combination of live imaging, quantitative analysis and modelling reveals that FGF signalling sets up a threshold for the activity of GATA. The work also uncovers a simple bistable system which can account for the experimental observations and also provides a framework to think about events in the embryo.

The lab also published a video account of how to make gastruloids ( ). In the organoid world reproducibility is all and, for this reason, following the publication of our finding about symmetry breaking and axial elongation from ES cells ( ), we have now made a detailed account of the protocol. You might also want to have a look at our perspective on the organoid field from the point of view of developmental biology ( ) -maybe not that much self organization. And while on this topic, watch this space; coming soon is a study of the early events in the patterning of the gastruloids.


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