Lab resources

Lab Meeting 2016-2017

Bateson Room 9:30

November: 2- Sudhakaran , 9- Katerina G, 16- Meeting Paris, 23- Shlomit ,30- Adrian.
December 7- Meritxell, 14- Vikas, 21- Christmas.
January 11- David, 18- Peter, 25- Fiona.
February 1- Naomi, 8- Stefano, 15- Xaoyan, 22- Andrea Attardi
March 1- Cristina Pina, 8- Sylija Svambaryte, 15- Giles, 22- Tim Fulton, 29- Penny.
April 5- Ben, 12-Easter, 19- Meritxell, 26- Helena.
May 3- Shlomit, 10- Katerina G, 17- Vikas, 24- Sudhakaran, 31- Xaoyan.
June 7- Vikas, 14- David, 21- Peter, 28- Alfonso.

Lab computers

Brachyury (big mac)
Nanog (old mac)
Ecad (PC)
Latitude Laptop
Lenovo Mini

Lab microscopes

Nikon brightfield
Zeiss brightfield
Zeiss confocal


Our LabWiki is on the Larch server in the folder named wiki which can be accessed with  DEPT username and password.
To access it from a PC from anywhere on the University network, hold down the “Windows” key and press “R” then paste in the following address:


From a Mac anywhere on the University network, go to “Finder”, hold down the “Cmd ⌘” key with the “K” key then paste in the following address:


The SFTP address is:


Unless you’re using SFTP, when asked for your username & password remember to prefix your username with DEPT\

Data storage space


From a PC:


From a Mac:




This uses your DEPT account.