Katerina Geladaki



I am a third year PhD student shared between the Department of Genetics and the Department of Biochemistry. In collaboration with Dr Meritxell Vinyoles and under the supervision of Professor Alfonso Martinez Arias, I am working on a project that aims to characterise different states of primed pluripotency and associate them to equivalent stages of the mouse embryo development. For this project I am working with a model of naïve (ESC lines) and primed (EpiSC lines) mouse embryonic stem cells. As part of this work, I am also aiming to uncover the role of cellular polarity and ultrastructure determinants, as well as their interaction with, and the role of, the Wnt signalling pathway in the transition from naïve to primed pluripotency. I am also co-supervised by Professor Kathryn Lilley in the Cambridge Centre for Proteomics, Department of Biochemistry, where I am involved in a subcellular proteomics project using mouse embryonic stem cells and a human cancer cell line. Being part of two different labs, I am privileged to be part of an interdisciplinary project where I can apply cell biology and genetics methods but also quantitative proteomics and systems biology approaches to my research objectives.



  • Christoforou, A., Mulvey, C. M., Breckels, L. M., Geladaki, A., Hurrell, T., Hayward, P. C., … Lilley, K. S. (2016). A draft map of the mouse pluripotent stem cell spatial proteome. Nature Communications, 7, 9992. http://doi.org/10.1038/ncomms9992

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