News – Part II students present their work

Well done to our part II project students who made wonderful presentations of their toilings in the lab last Friday. Ellie Davies presented her work (with David Turner) on the requirement for Bra in the movement of Bra +ve ES derived cells (watch this space on this one!). Hilmi (with Penny Hayward) explored the role that E-Cadherin might have on pluripotency (see the intriguing new paper from R. Kemler’s lab in Development on this: E-cadherin is required for the proper activation of the Lifr/Gp130 signaling pathway in mouse embryonic stem cells. Leo Sideris (with Tina Balayo) looked at the basis of the pluripotency of Nanog mutant cells, finding that the main input into their state is ß-catenin. Finally Peter Balillie-Johnson (with David Turner and Alfonso Martinez) looked at the role that Oct4 plays during differentiation of ES cells and found one!

We have had good students in the past but I have to say that this year has been a particularly good group. They have made significant contributions to our work and it has been a pleasure to have them in the lab. Now is all down to the exams so: good luck!

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