November News

The summer was a time for visitors in the lab. This year we had what has now become a usual crop of sixth form students which helped us with the analysis of the movies. This was part of a scheme, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, which enables young students with an interest in Science to do some lab work. We are always pleased to engage with these young people and this year was not an exception. In the same spirit, we enjoyed the visit of Peter Baillie Johnson , an undergraduate from Cambridge who is now taking part II Genetics. He worked on the loss of pluripotency by ES cells and created the seeds for further projects which he might pursue himself.

We also had the visit of Florian Bonkhofer from the University of Heidelberg (Germany) who did a long stage in the lab. He worked with David Turner on certain aspects of  the differentiation of ES cells into a primitive streak like fate. A few days ago, he left to complete his degree in Germany but left behind some interesting results. We shall miss Florian.

At the beginning of November we welcome Susanne van der Brink, an Erasmus student from the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands).  She has picked up where Florian left and we al look forward to the development of the project.

New website

Welcome to our new website. It was about time that we changed it! The lab –and the times_ have changed since we set it last and we felt we needed to reflect this. Most significant has been the development of our interest in the analysis of processes live. This is why in addition to the traditional sections of Research, People, Publications and News, we invite you to explore our section of movies, where you will find some of the images and films of what is going on in the lab. We also have a blog where members of the lab will discuss current affairs and Science. Finally in publications we have the regular section on peer reviewed work from the lab but we have also a section called Reports where we propose to put out information from our research, or essays and reviews, which might be of interest to people with common research interests. On the whole we hope that you will find our output interesting and look forward to any feedback you may want to give us.

For as Bob Dylan says:

The order is
Rapidly fadin’
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin’.